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We’re reimagining opportunities, so growing businesses in Africa can reach their full potential, and go beyond.
We’re here to serve Africa’s growing businesses.
Across every corner of Africa, businesses are springing up by the second, doing what they know best; making the best of what they have and going against the tide to succeed at any cost. They defy the odds to defend a dream, they’ve got grit and guts, they’re doing things differently, inventing new paths, breaking the old way, and standing tall amidst challenges that threaten their existence.
We know these businesses, they are the wooden shed restaurants with finger licking local delicacies, they are the fashion designers going long hours to make sure sunday’s best is truly the best, they are the delivery companies weaving through traffic to get you your orders, they are everywhere, and we see them. What do we know? Africa’s Medium, and small businesses experience challenges that go beyond conventional business and financial structures. This is why we built Triift Africa; to unlock growth by addressing these pockets of challenges, and smoothening the path to success for MSMEs in Africa.
To reach full potential, Africa’s businesses need products and services that match their grit and determination, empower their unconventional style of thinking, and keep them moving in the direction of growth. So, we are building for every touch point they’ll need along the way. While they build Africa’s resilient economic future, we’ll be building everything these businesses will need to launch confidently, grow effortlessly, and scale exponentially.
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