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We think of ourselves as long term growth partners for underserved businesses , and we’re proud to keep helping business owners stay focused on what matters most - their business. Here’s how
Put money aside however and whenever you like even without a smartphone or bank account. Made for micro and growing business owners looking for a community to save with. Save from your bank or with our ussd code, airtime, web or mobile app or our agent network.
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Need cash to stock up, finance an invoice, upgrade your equipment, open a new store, hire more hands, or expand your business? Get access to our grant partners or between 10,0000-1 million naira from 5% interest with zero collateral for up to 6 months. Focus on growing your business with capital that keeps you running smoothly.
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One size never fits all with unique businesses like yours. Connect with our experts and get tailored, hands on advisory that guides you to start, get funding or address specific business concerns without the fluff.
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Grow together with a community of business owners designed to help you thrive. Build rich relationships, learn from shared growth experiences, and grow your business with expert tips from growing business owners like yourself.
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All you need to begin, operate, and grow your business. From marketing to business finance, and more, Never be lost again with our collection of rich courses, resources and templates built to help you unleash next level business growth.
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Businesses in every sector, online or offline whether you are :

Students and recent graduates


Informal and Unbanked micro
business owners


Business owners that are banked
and have an online presence

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Feedback from our Community

Nifty cakes

I took a loan to buy an oven and bulk materials for my fish roll business. The funding made it easier for me to expand my business and match with the demand I was getting and I really liked the way the loan was structured in a way that truly supported my growth with a reasonable interest rate and flexible repayment terms.

Oluwanifemi Samuel (Nifty cakes)


Kene Ochi

I had an idea in my mind about the business I wanted to start, but I wasn‘t sure how to go about it, and I definitely didn‘t just want to start without the right knowledge necessary to scale the business. Working with Triift Africa, I have been able to draft out a business model canvas, set up strong structures that can help me to support the business and run it. I know what to do, how to do it, and why I‘m doing it.

Kene Ochi


Elight Pictures

When I was in 300 Level in school, I got funding from Triift Africa to get a camera. My photography gig was helping to cover my tuition, living expenses and support my parents and siblings back home. And because I had to borrow or rent a camera sometimes made me miss some gigs. The finance from Triift Africa really changed my story as it impacted my growth and career.

Elijah Adesina (Elight Pictures)

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